How to remove the glue on the PVC plastic floor?

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How to remove the glue on the floor that has not cured before?

 Rag:It is better to clean up before the glue is dry and solidified. At this time, the glue is liquid. It is basically cleaned up after using it or wiped with a cloth, and then wipe the remaining glue.

Alcohol: The glue on the floor has not solidified or has a sticky shape. It can’t be solved with a rag alone. You can use a solvent such as alcohol to clean it, and then rinse it with water to wipe it off.

How to remove the solidified glue on the floor?

Knives: Once the glue has solidified, it is more difficult to remove. If you want to use sharp tools or knives to remove, you must remove it gently, otherwise it will easily damage the surface of the floor.

Hair dryer: If the glue sticks to the floor with a large area and it has solidified, it is recommended to use a hair dryer to heat it. Let the glue soften by heating, and then use a knife to remove it very easily and effectively.

Special cleaning agent: There is a product on the market that specializes in removing glue on the floor. You can buy this professional cleaning agent, and then follow the steps to remove the glue traces.

 Acetone: Acetone is a good liquid for removing glue. Only a small amount of acetone is needed to quickly remove the glue residue. However, acetone should not directly contact the skin, eyes and respiratory tract, otherwise there will be a risk of acute poisoning.

newslre (2)Facial wiping oil: Spread evenly the facial wiping oil or glycerin that we usually use on the glue traces, and then wait for it to moisturize a little and use your nails to remove the parts that can be removed, and wipe the rest with a wet towel.

Post time: Mar-12-2021