Five criteria for purchasing homogeneous vinyl flooring


In today’s decoration, more and more people recognize and like homogeneous vinyl flooring, not only because of the overall beauty after paving, but also other things such as environmental protection, cost-effectiveness, and convenient construction. So, what kind of floor is PVC plastic floor? Have you ever really understood it! Today I will help you sort out the five major criteria for purchasing PVC plastic flooring, so that you can make better purchases in the future and provide some reference.

  1. Environmental protection To measure whether a plastic floor is environmentally friendly, it is mainly to judge the content of pollutants it releases. In the end, it is environmentally friendly in terms of national regulations.
  2. Quality Look at the materials used for the floor. If natural and high-density materials are used, the quality of the floor must be good. In addition, we also need to look at the quality inspection certificate to judge the quality of the floor.
  3. Service The construction technology and after-sales service of the construction personnel also have a great influence on the guarantee of product quality. This is also related to the overall image of an enterprise. Due to the technical problems of the construction personnel, the floor was deformed and cracked shortly after installation, which caused great damage to the performance of the product.
  4. Brand   When we choose branded products, the most important thing is to look at his word of mouth. After people use it, they judge him whether it is good or bad. Consumers are more at ease psychologically after purchasing products of major brands. After all, the quality and after-sales services provided by such products are relatively complete, and the rights and interests of consumers can be more protected.
  5. Price In today’s building materials market, many unscrupulous merchants manufacture counterfeit goods in order to make money, causing serious harm to the rights and interests of consumers, thus reducing consumer trust. Therefore, when we choose the floor, we must not only consider the price factor, but also consider the quality together, so that you can choose the product that suits you, instead of blindly pursuing low prices, not looking at quality, and ultimately harming your own interests.
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Post time: Jun-01-2021